Volunteer roles available for this year's Banjul Marathon

Registration Date to join the Volunteers’ Team shall be announced shortly. Watch out!

All lovers of The Gambia, humanity and running are welcome – we really couldn’t stage this event without your support and contributions. We will have lots of exciting volunteer roles which you can choose from and information will be available soon.

Whilst volunteering at the Banjul Africell Marathon, it promises to be fun, exciting and rewarding but definitely not for the faint-hearted. Though it may be long, tiring plus drain physically and mentally; yet come rain or shine, we really need your support as members of the fabulous team to make this a success!

We will have a wide variety of volunteer roles available for this edition of Banjul Marathon.

Roles will be allocated based on application, qualifications, areas of specialization and interest. There will be roles for volunteers at the Start point, Finish point (a team to welcome the masses and elites crossing the Finish line), as well as the Exhibition areas or as part of the Medical Team.

Volunteer Opportunities

A full list of roles and information on each role will be available soon.